News & Events

May 10, 2024

I’ve had several more book and fiction triumphs roll in since the last news announcement. The next big thing is the release of my new book Little Fortified Stories on May 17, 2024. I am so excited! I’m so thankful for all the readers, followers and judges out there who read my work. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Flash/Micro Fiction Awards: Individual Stories

2023: Joy Kogawa Award for Fiction: Longlisted (Flash Fiction)

2023: Smokelong Quarterly Grand Micro Competition: Longlisted


Book Awards: Music from a Strange Planet

2024: 2024 American Legacy Book Awards: Finalist (Short Story Fiction)

2024: Independent Press Award 2024: Distinguished Favorite (Short Stories)

2023: Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards Contest: Finalist (Short Story Collection)

2023: American Book Fest Best Book Awards 2023: Finalist (Fiction: Short Story)

2023: The Canadian Book Club Award 2023: Finalist (Anthology/Short Story)

2023: Sunshine Coast Writers & Editors Society Book Award 2023: Winner (Fiction)

2023: International Book Awards 2023: Finalist (Best New Fiction)


November 15, 2023

In anticipation of my collection of flash and microfiction being published in 2024, I’ve been entering flash stories to contests this year and late in 2022. Results have been good! I’m also happy for my book, Music from a Strange Planet, to have received several book awards. Thank you to all the readers and judges out there who read my work. Your support and comments mean a great deal to me.


Flash Fiction Awards

2023: The Plaza Prizes International Competition 2023: Winner (Microfiction) (₤750)

2023: The Plaza Prizes International Competition 2023: Second Place (Flash Fiction) (₤250)

2023: New Flash Fiction Writers Competition 2022: Double Longlisted

2023: Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction: Shortlisted

2022: Federation of BC Writers Literary Contest 2022: Winner; Triple Shortlisted (Flash Fiction) ($350)


Book Awards

2023: Indie Reader Discovery Award 2023: Winner (Short Story Collection)

2023: Firebird Book Awards 2023: Winner (New Fiction) and Winner (Short Stories)

2023: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2022: Winner (Adult Fiction)

2023: Literary Titan Book Award: Gold Book Award Winner

2022: Eyelands International Book Awards: Finalist (Published Short Story Collection)


And a surprise I never knew about!:

The Hong Kong Review nominated my poem “Stars Are Small Holes” for the Pushcart Prize 2022 (Poetry)